Mantis’ co-founder, Denis, on the Road in the UK: Learning How the NHS Aims to Benefit from the Eye as the Window to Your Health

Mantis’ co-founder, Denis, on the Road in the UK: Learning How the NHS Aims to Benefit from the Eye as the Window to Your Health

Mar 18, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

A month ago, Mantis Photonics’ co-founder, Denis Hellebuyck, joined a Nordic Healthy Ageing Delegation on a journey to the UK, connecting with healthcare stakeholders in Edinburgh, Newcastle, and Manchester. This economic mission, aligning perfectly with the delegation’s focus on extending healthy lifespans, provided a unique opportunity to explore how the National Health Service (NHS) could benefit from hyperspectral retinal imaging, a technology pioneered by Mantis Photonics.

Denis, a strong advocate for the “eye as the window to your health” philosophy, sees immense potential in supporting the NHS’ mission to ensure at least five extra healthy, independent years of life for all citizens. Hyperpsectral retinal imaging offers a non-invasive and cost-effective way to detect early signs of various health conditions, potentially contributing significantly to achieving this goal.

Early detection of these conditions is crucial, particularly for:

    • Diabetic retinopathy: A leading cause of blindness, often asymptomatic until late stages.
    • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD): A major cause of vision impairment, especially affecting older populations.
    • Glaucoma: A chronic eye disease that damages the optic nerve, leading to progressive vision loss.
Why the UK and the NHS?

The UK boasts a well-established healthcare system with a strong commitment to innovation and preventative care. The NHS, while facing challenges, actively seeks new technologies that can improve efficiency, accuracy, and early diagnosis. This aligns perfectly with Mantis Photonics’ mission, making the NHS an ideal partner for exploring the potential of hyperspectral retinal imaging.

During the mission, Denis had the opportunity to engage with various key players within the NHS ecosystem, including:

    • Hospital administrators: Discussing the potential integration of hyperspectral retinal imaging into existing screening programs, potentially contributing to the reduction of healthcare costs and improved resource allocation.
    • Clinicians: Exploring the clinical benefits and user-friendliness of the technology, aiming to streamline the diagnostic process and improve patient outcomes.
    • Policymakers: Advocating for the adoption of innovative technologies that can improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs, aligning with the NHS’s vision for a sustainable and efficient healthcare system.
The Road Ahead: Collaboration for a Healthier Future

Denis returned from the UK mission with valuable insights and a renewed commitment to collaborating with the NHS. The discussions revealed:

    • Strong interest in hyperspectral retinal imaging as a potential tool for early disease detection.
    • Openness to exploring innovative technologies with the potential to improve patient care and save costs.
    • A shared interest in fostering partnerships between Scandinavian companies and the NHS, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes that ultimately improve healthcare for everyone.

Mantis Photonics is eagerly striving to establish collaboration with the NHS to delve into the possibilities of hyperspectral retinal imaging. Denis and his team are actively working towards engaging in discussions with various stakeholders, with the goal of initiating pilot projects and assessing the technology’s clinical effectiveness within the NHS framework.

This UK mission marked a significant step towards making early disease detection through the eye a reality for everyone. Stay tuned for further updates as Mantis Photonics continues its mission to revolutionize healthcare, one eye scan at a time.