Alzheimer’s Disease

Over 30 million people are

affected worldwide

300 billion dollars are spent yearly

on the treatment of the affected

3 times more people expected

to be affected in 2050

Primary care: 50 – 70 % of patients are not diagnosed or get the wrong diagnosis

Specialist care: 20 – 30 % of patients get the wrong diagnosis

Lumbar punction and PET scan:

accessibility limited due to
cost Neuropsychologist is inaccessible

Lumbar punction is perceived as invasive
Cognitive screening instruments are insensitive

Our Solution: Early Detection

Alzheimer disease is often recognized by patients from its early symptoms such as memory loss, difficulty completing familiar tasks, confusion with time or place. However the first physiological changes in the brain happens a decade before. With our technology, we want to redefine the patient journey by screening the population. Such screening will enable the patients to take preventive measure that can delay or avoid the onset of Alzheimer. What is more early screening allows the patient to be closely monitored and thus treated in time making the treatment more effective.