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The Eye is the Window to your Health

Our strategy 


The retina is the window to our health

The retina is a unique spot in the body where you can observe three essential systems simultaneously: blood, vision and central nervous system.


Early detection is essential

Early screening allows people to gain access to better treatment solutions promoting longevity. Furthermore it’s important to unburden the healthcare system by reducing the costs of diseases.


A patented hyperspectral camera

Where current retinal camera only delivers structural information such as shape and size, a hyperspectral camera can additionally provide functional details such as the tissue physiology, morphology, and composition in the retina.

We want to prevent diseases in millions by detecting pathologies earlier. 

With a simple, non-invasive and cost-efficient technique.

Our solution.

We are developing a camera to take hyperspectral images of the retina, to catalyze the digital transformation of healthcare. With one snapshot image, we will screen for eye diseases (diabetic retinopathy, amd, glaucoma, etc.) cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer, ALS, etc.).

Fast Track Capital Sweden

Fast Track Capital Sweden

“FTC3 chose to invest due to a driven and competent team that presents
a massive opportunity to digitize and simplify early diagnostics. The
innovative technology is right on time – both market-wise and for the

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