Meet Mantis’ team: our CEO, Jan Alexander

Meet Mantis’ team: our CEO, Jan Alexander

Mar 20, 2024 | About Mantis | 0 comments

Here is now our third stop of this journey to know about this inspiring team: our incredible CEO.

Can you talk a bit about your background, expertise and role at Mantis Photonics? 

I started my career as an aeronautical engineer. I then moved on to product development, focusing on Medical and FMCG product development for multinationals and start-ups at one of the largest engineering and design firms. I always like to focus on projects and technology that could impact people’s lives. 

At Mantis Photonics, I build on this experience to support the development of our product. As CEO but also CTO, I work on planning the project and implementing the necessary software and electronics. We try to find the sweet spot between technically feasible, economically viable and medically valuable. 

What do you like the most about your job? 

I am fascinated by the technical solution’s elegance and its incredible potential to help people maintain their vision and save costs in the healthcare system. 

If you were to describe Mantis in 3 words, what would they be? 

Mantis Photonics is developing a product focussed on patient comfort, operational efficiency and usage simplicity. 

Thanks to our excellent team, we can make this transformative healthcare product happen. 

What inspired you to pursue this technology/this career and made you want to be part of Mantis? 

I was fascinated by the technology and the technologies potential to help both patients and healthcare professionals. 

For an ambitious and revolutionary product such as Mantis’ HSI camera, what would you say is the biggest challenge you faced so far? 

The medical industry is highly regulated. The necessary clinical trials to conclusively demonstrate the information delivered by the images is applicable in clinical practice. The value for patients is clear, but it is hard to effectively articulate how this will fit into the whole clinical workflow since it is so novel. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work that contributes to your creativity and overall well-being? 

My girlfriend and I like to spend time cooking, walking and enjoying series. She does not share my love for reading, though. 

How do you define success personally? And how does it influence your professional pursuits? 

I like the concept of ikigai. Success is finding something that you are good at, that helps other people, which you like to do and is economically viable. 

What advice would you give to young aspirants in your field (or entrepreneurs) based on your experience and lessons learned?

Do not be afraid to try and follow your dreams. Don’t wait until you feel you are ready, because you will never feel ready.  

What is your motto in life? Are you able to apply it to Mantis? 

You do not get what you wish for, you get what you work for. 

Where do you want to see yourself/your company in 5 years? 

Our aim is to stabilize the production and sale of hyperspectral retinal cameras. This way, the benefits of our technology can be made available to a growing number of medical professionals and patients. 

If our team came to your place for dinner, what would you cook? 

I would cook my favourite dish: mushroom risotto. 


Being part of an international team, is there a language you like to use more? Maybe one you would like to learn now? 

I really should start studying Swedish a bit more seriously than only using duolingo. 

Bonus questions

Favourite movie?

Cidade de Deus

Favourite dessert?

Dame blanche – ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

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